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Which is Greener?

Have you ever stood in a store, looking at two competing products, wondering which one is better for the environment? How is a consumer supposed to figure that out? 

As a scientist, I’ve dedicated my career to finding and developing greener options. By synthesizing research from around the globe, I can also tell you which is the greenest choice for nearly every purchasing decision you have to make throughout the day.

I can do this because I know how to read and interpret something called a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). An LCA is a calculation of the environmental harm caused by a particular product or action. These LCAs are published in scientific journals, in complex technical language, for the benefit of fellow scientists. In these videos, I present the results in a more accessible format for the public. I also add relevant information and concerns that weren’t mentioned in the original LCA.

Videos already available include:

• which straws are greener?

• travelling by car vs train vs airliner

• beverage containers: glass vs plastic vs can

• beef vs plant-based substitute

• steak vs porkloin vs chicken

• pressure-treated wood vs wood/plastic composite

• paper back vs plastic bag

• butter vs margarine

• gasoline car vs electric car vs hybrid