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Lending a helping hand

Members of the Jessop Group, Crudden Group, and Oleschuk Group in the Department of Chemistry have volunteered to make hand sanitizer for KHSC.

This is a joint project with the Department of Chemical Engineering and Green Centre Canada.

The story has been featured in the Queen’s Gazette here.

Thank you to all of the Department of Chemistry grad student volunteers and staff who have made this possible:

  • Timothy Salomons
  • Matthias Hermann
  • Guilherme Dreschler Vilela
  • Igor Tadeu da Cunha
  • Emily Albright
  • Joseph DeJesus
  • Sarah Ellis
  • Matt Sanger
  • Hailey Poole
  • Prashant Agrawal
  • David Simon
  • Karthik Devaraj
  • Yuki Maekawa
  • Jaddie Ho
  • Leila He
  • Heather Drouillard
  • Richard Oleschuk
  • Kimberly Mackinder
  • Lyndsay Hull
  • Gabriele Schatte
  • Thomas Hunter
  • Cole Reed